( e.g., we pre-fund a block of Provider receivables that a firm is waiting to get cash payments on.  We assure collections monthly on those receivables over 0-3 years )

 Clearleaf's sister company, Purestone Services, works a collections servicer

for companies and investors- assets and receivables 

Secondarily, as tax-liens are cyclical in nature, Clearleaf sought additional programs, and offer a funding and servicing platform for other Asset-Based Financing arrangements within targeted industry situations.  [e.g., we have financed commissions for a national partner]  Our focus is on funding/factoring and servicing proven production and payback situations.  Key partnerships are also put in place to support these efforts.

Our signature "tax lien" program began in 2013.  We brought underwriting, advisory, processing, legal partners and operating support for payment processing to our owners personal capital. In 2014, we expanded by word of mouth, then geographically in our investment reach. By 2015 we handled over $3 million, in 2016 $8.5 million,  peaking at  $20 million in 2018.

Our Services

to deliver its results, Clearleaf Financeworks as an Investment  

Manager of Alternative Assets - higher yielding  - short duration  - Liquid assets